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61GS - The 8050 Series

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Grand Seiko is best known for its simplicity. In the case of vintage Grand Seiko watches, the dials were either white or silver, and they were not designed to scream for attention at first sight. They were modest and subtle. However, there were exceptions.

61GS - The 8050 Series

61GS - The 8050 Series

6145-8050 (Date) and 6146-8050 (Day-Date) were among the rarest vintage GS watches, and they were only produced between Apr 1972 and May 1972.

There were 4 dial color variations, namely silver, blue, green and brown. The latter 3 colors were very uncommon for vintage GS watches. Besides, the hour markers were raised to the extent that the hands had to be shortened significantly. The second markers were retained on the inner side of the hour markers to match the shortened hands.

The case was made of HSS, a.k.a. Hardened Stainless Steel, same material of 61GS Arabesque, 61GS Special and 61GS VFA. The shape of the case was slightly different from the classic 6145-8000/6146-8000 case and it had a modest tip between the lugs. The crystal was a sapphire crystal. Some models even had a faceted sapphire crystal to reflects light from different directions.

The 8050 series were very similar to 61GS VFA in general, except for the highly adjusted movements Cal. 6185/6186 used only in VFA. They were introduced in the Seiko catalog in the end of 1972, but they were never seen officially since then. If you are looking for a vintage GS with a rare design, these might be your perfect choices:

Grand Seiko 61GS 6145-8050 Silver

Grand Seiko 61GS 6146-8050 Blue 


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