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Check out this 45GS Oval Case!

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45GS Oval Case is now listed for sale!

Grand Seiko 45GS 36000 Hi-Beat 4520-7010

Grand Seiko 45GS 36000 Hi-Beat 4520-7010. With its legendary 36000 Hi-Beat manual movement, 45GS was one of the most accurate watches Seiko produced in late 1960s. Most of the 45GS you can find in the second-hand market have a classic 44GS style case (4520/4522-8000), which is famous for representing "Grammar Of Design". Around 1970, 45GS with an oval case (4520/4522-7010) was issued. The design of the case was actually inspired by pebble, a common material used to decorate Japanese gardens. 

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